1985 Dodge Charger

I have a 1985 Dodge Ramcharger 4x4 with a 318. We cannot find the ignition module anywhere! We have been told to follow the distributor wires, we have been told that it could be under a piece of rubber near the wheel well, we have been told to look under the washer fluid canister. In short, we have looked everywhere! The problem is that truck isn't firing. We have replaced the coil and still no sparks coming from the plugs or the brand new coil. This is why we need to change the module. Does anyone have any new ideas as to where this part is? We have also been told that if the engine was replaced at anytime, then maybe it's not the same module, but that isn't the problem either because we have replaced the cap and roter and the part was for an 85. It is not in the distributor! Please help, this has become extremely frustrating! Thanks!
March 11, 2007.

Turn key On do you have power to the coil positive?

Should be on the firewall-not there try the fender well-its a square box that has a 5 pin connector.

One wire goes to the ignition switch, wire to the ballast resistor, wire to the coil, and 2 wires goes to the distributor.

HTH-Good Luck

Mar 11, 2007.
Thanks for the reply, however those are the same ideas everyone else has given us. And we have found the problem. There is no ECU (or ignition module), apparently there is a spark computer instead. After looking for the ECU for three days, it truly isn't there! Anyway, thanks for the reply!

Mar 12, 2007.
Spark computer! I think that one is attached to the air cleaner assy its been a long time-along with a 2 magnetic pick-up in the distributor run and start.

Mar 12, 2007.