Dodge Caravan

I have a 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan SE with 156,000 miles on it. Recently, several problems seemed to start about the same time. The airbag light began staying lit, the speed control would not activate, and the horn does not work. Is there any possibility these problems are connected, or are there three separate problems?
Also, is the radiator thermostat easily replaceable? I found out that the air filter surely wasn't.
January 10, 2007.

Oh come on, how bad can a simple air filter be? : P
Engineers would never put somthing so important ia a totally inaccessible place. : Lol: And you want to go after an air bag light huh?

Start by pulling codes, I have a feeling your looking at a aibag clockspring, but it's early yet. You are looking for a DTC called DRIVER SQUIB CIRCUIT OPEN.

There is a high resistance condition in the base of the clockspring.
The good news is that there is a safety recall on this regardless of miliege : D

Call the dealer for an appt, after confirming this with service : wink:

I did replace air filters on doge caravan in the past; you must have very small hands to get out the clips.
Just difficult to access, because too narrow.
Engineers may have small hands that time : -)

Jan 11, 2007.
The engineers have something small allright!
That is one of the worst designs : twisted: How did you Make out?

Test the power leads at the battery with a meter or test light. There are fusible links there and you may have disturbed a borderline one when doing the air filter

Jan 13, 2007.