1996 Dodge Caravan

Hey looks like a great place for some info.
My van is a '96 Dodge Grand caravan SE 3.0 v6 w/170,000 miles.
Lately my van has been stalling when I first try to start it and I can hear and feel the engine hesitate every so often at idle.

I just replaced Air & fuel filters, rotor, distributor cap, spark plugs and wires and had a oil change.
I'm also hearing a ticking noise from the engine that reminds me of a loose rocker. Checked no problems.

My mechanic and me are stumped as to the noise and hesitation. Could it be a injector? The check engine light will come on then off then on and so forth.
The only code we get is a misfire on 1 and 4.

Thanks for any help
March 25, 2007.

Did you do a compression test yet?

Mar 31, 2007.
I had this ticking problem in my '97 caravan 3 litre V6.

I solved it by doing two things.

First, I had my oil changed and replaced with 5w30, a good quality oil filter (the oem model is best), and I had the mechanic add a bottle of Rislone Oil treatment.

Next, I purchased a bottle of SeaFoam Engine Treatment, followed the instructions on the bottle (adding it to the vacuum line to go through the top end of the engine). Waited 15 mins and started it up (bringing up the RPMs sufficiently). BIG cloud of white smoke, as the gunk was being burned off.

Drove about 100 miles, and the ticking was gone. Hasn't returned since.

Apr 14, 2007.