2006 Dodge Caravan

Electrical problem
2006 Dodge Caravan Two Wheel Drive Automatic 62K miles

Sporadic and sometimes constant electrical interruption causes:
gauges, dash lights and headlights to shimmer and flicker wildly.
Gauges will drop to nothing.
Radio will turn off and back on.
A/C (compressor only) will recycle.
Some kind of bell/chime will also sound when this occurs.

Sometimes the flickering/shimmering is constant and low frequency. Then at times everything will go crazy and wild. When that occurs, engine has even faltered and died (at times) requiring restart.

Accelerating RPM sometimes causes a brief stoppage of problem. Other times that doesn't help at all.

3 different shops and 2 different dealerships say they can't figure out what the problem is. Cleaned ground wire from battery to ground but that didn't help. No codes are produced that indicate a problem.

Seems to be voltage issue of some sort but I'm not an electrician. No consistent pattern has been recognized.
October 22, 2010.

Has the battery ever gone bad? Have they checked the body control module? Have they checked body grounds? Also, the alternator is regulated through the power control module (PCM). Have they checked to see if it is working properly? Since it isn't limited to the inst cluster, I can't blame a bad cluster.

No, the battery had never gone bad, although, it is the original Mopar battery.

Other facts and observations: Ground cable was checked by dealership and myself. I cleaned it and put anti-oxidant grease on it.

Alternator has routinely checked out to be working fine.

Dealership and other shops have suggested BCM and PCM issues. Those are expensive options. What are the differences between the two.

After my latest cleaning of the body ground (the one directly under battery compartment) things seem to have settled down. Slight flicker remains and only one instance of wild fluctuations. Are there other ground points that could be a problem?

I also noticed that the negative cable clamp cannot get quite small enough for a real tight fit on the negative terminal/post. I tried a shim but the shim was too big for the clamp. So, even though it doesn't really slide around, it is still loose enough for me to pull off with out really having to loosen the nut. Could something like that cause the problems I am having? Brainstorming


Oct 29, 2010.
That could be the entire problem. If you can remove the terminal without loostening it, then it is too loose. I would recommend replacing it. Also, check the ground on the engine block.

Let me know what you find.

If the ground doesn't fix the problem (and I think it will), but if it doesn't, the BCM doesn't control alternator output, the PCM does.

Looks like I came to the RIGHT PLACE! My 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan (THAT I PURCHASED ONE WEEK AGO.) Started doing the same thing this morning! Thanks for the advice- I will try that : )

Nov 1, 2010.
Glad to help. Let me know what you find or if you have other questions.


I purchased my 2006 Dodge Caravan a week ago as well and have experienced the same issues and responses from mechanics. I have printed the responses out and plan to take the car and the posts to him tomorrow. I have also lost my left headlight twice since purchase and wondering if the surge might have something to do with it? It's nice to know I'm not the only one out there with these issues : o)

Dec 27, 2010.
Is the light actually burning out?

When we bought it two weeks ago, during our inspection, I saw the left light was burned out. The dealer replaced it immediately, and shortly before departing, it wasn't working again. So he did something and told me it wasn't pushed all the way in. A week later, on the way back from a long trip, I noticed it wasn't on again. I am not sure if it's truly burnt out or part of the wiring that controls power to that light, but it stays off continually.

Dec 31, 2010.
It could be the light socket itself. Have you checked to see if there is power to it?