1999 Dodge Caravan

Brakes problem
1999 Dodge Caravan Automatic 108000 miles

I need to get my brakes repaired which are squealing all the time, pretty much. I'm trying to find the least expensive without getting taken by spending to much for what I don't need. In short, for my type of vehicle (Dodge Grand Caravan Sport Van), does it require brake pads or shoes, or both? Also, if it has gotten to the point of squealing am I doing damage to more of the brake system by driving it?

Nancy Crowley
May 24, 2010.

The vehicle may have 4 wheel disc brakes. If so, it will require brake pads in both front and rear. However, there were also vans made this year with rear brake drums which require brake shoes.

If you are trying to save money, there are videos and directions for replacing both pads and shoes. You could do it yourself, get a life time set of brakes, and never have to pay for them again as long as you do the work.

Let me know if you are interested and need directions.