1998 Dodge Caravan

Electrical problem
1998 Dodge Caravan 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 250000 miles

All of a sudden, the key wouldn't turn the ignition switch. No matter how I twisted the key, wiggled it. Etc. I shot some WD40 into the switch thinking steel dust would have jambed some of the tumblers. That didn't do it.

I had to get aggressive. Removed the plastic from around the head of the switch coller, attached the vise grip, and cracked the ignition past home position.

I'm now able to just turn the ignition, only as expected, the tumblers are causing enough friction.

I want to know how to replace the ignition. Can you help?

May 9, 2009.

When you tried to turn the ignition sometimes the steering wheel lock gets caught. attached is how to remove the ignition switch. Make sure the battery terminal is disconnected

May 9, 2009.
Thanks, for your prompt reply. Just a note. I was only able to barely make out the words in the gif you attached. The resolution was too low, and I couldn't make out the picture.

Nevertheless, I was able to get the ignition apart. The tumbler is broken, but still spins. It's really a tool to turn the ignition now.

I took apart the contact housing and cleaned up the copper tracks and contacts. That seemed to make a difference. Amazing just how much they wear over the years. The contact points were most likely round. They're flat topped now.

The ignition has no security as the key can be taken out in any position. But, at least, I can start the vehicle normally, and the key doesn't get stuck.

That's 4 hrs of my life I won't get back. Better than a $300.00 bill to repair.

That's life in the fast lane.

Thanks, for your help.


May 9, 2009.