'05 HELP!!!!

2005 Dodge Caravan

'05 Caravan, 77K, 3.3L, new plugs and wires @60K
Van runs badly, sputtering, backfires. Random misfire codes. Took advice from friend, changed coil pack. Ran good for a couple of days, then back to same problem. Has random misfire codes and egr valve code. Runs worst in the rain. My Uncle changed the coil pack. Now he's pulling out his hair. Being a single MOM, it's hard to pay to hunt for the problem. Dealers cost way too much. Please help!
Oh yeah, air bag light came on 2 days ago. Is this normaly a crappy vehicle?
November 26, 2007.

Check the wires again
And if you can post the codes that will help
Also check the EGR
As for air bag light if you can get also the codes and post them that will help too
Most likely it’s a clock spring under the driver side air bag
Give your dealer a call see if its warranty

Nov 26, 2007.
Had new wires today, now runs good as new. We just thought wires would last longer. Now, just have to have EGR and Airbag looked at.

Nov 27, 2007.