2007 Dodge Caliber

Engine Mechanical problem
2007 Dodge Caliber 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 44,000 miles

I recently had a check engine light come one (not flashing) and was driving the car to the dealer (about 30 miles) when the transmiission temp light came on and the car went into limp mode. I pulled over and had it towed. It was repaired for a stuck thermostat and worked well for a week. Today I took it to a car wash ( I did NOT wash the engine) and upon leaving, it seemed to go into limp mode again but no engine light was on. I could not get sufficient acceleration up a steep hill to get to my home but managed to take an alternative route. After shutting the car off and turning it on again, the check engine light did come on. I'm going to return it to the dealer tomorrow (not open today) and now am quite concerned that it was not properly diagnosed and repaired the last time. Any suggestions?
March 15, 2009.

Have them scan it first and see what they come up with. All the techs can do is work with the codes given when they come in. Sometimes there is one problem(non monitored) that can create another, then the PCM will throw a code for the second thing. Wait to see what they come up with, but I dont see the link between the trans temp light and the engines thermostat, may want to hit them up on that

Mar 16, 2009.
By all means take it back and show them reciept from previous repair attempt.

Is is possible the trans. Temp sensor is bad or connection to it, especially if the cooling temp gauge is not showing you are overheating. This also makes sense that after you went to car wash, the trans temp light is on again (assuming that is what the scan will show).

If problem reappears after second repair, complain directly to service manager and if that doesn't work complain to Dodge.

I would also consider taking to a different Dodge dealer, I am assuming the car is still under warranty.

Keep you reciepts as evidence for future problems.

Mar 16, 2009.