2007 Dodge Caliber

Electrical problem
2007 Dodge Caliber 4 cyl Automatic 54000 miles

This weekend my car completely wouldn't come on, so we replaced the battery. Once we replaced the battery, the car started right back up, with no issues! This morning, I get in and start the car, and the malfunction signal lights up. We're assuming the only other issue would be the alternator. I've read that installing a new alternator is a bit tricky on these vehicles. Can you provide step by step instructions on how to replace/repair the alternator? Also, do you have any other ideas as to things we should be checking? Thanks so much, in advance!
June 1, 2010.

They are hard to replace because of space. Before replacing it, recharge the battery and drive it to a nationally recognized parts store and have them test the alternator on the car.

Let me know what you find.