1996 Dodge Avenger

Engine Mechanical problem
1996 Dodge Avenger 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic

The car (1996 Avenger 4 cyl) has been sitting for quite some time(about a year) and it hasn't been started. I'm going to drop the fuel tank, empty it, put in a new fuel pump and fuel filter, I tried starting it like 6 months ago and it wouldn't start so I figured it was the fuel pump and or filter.

I did notice that when I did try to start it 6 months ago, that it sounded like the fuel pump was working (I heard the click) but it wouldn't start after about 25 attempts.

When I make all the repairs, what else could be the issue if it wasn't the fuel pump and filter?

Possibly the fuel pressure regulator? And if that's the case, where is it located at?
June 9, 2009.

Hi there,

The pressure regulator on the 2 liter 4 Cly engine in on the fuel rail on the manifold, item 6, see pic.

Mark (mhpautos)

Jun 9, 2009.