CODE P0171

2003 Mitsubishi Outlander • 120,000 miles

Check engine light on then off for past 3 years, I put fuel injector cleaner to pass inspection, rough idle, problem starting after adding gasoline at times, cleaned fuel injectors, replaced oxygen sensor before catalytic, new fuel pump /filter, cleaned throttle body, EGR, tune-up done, new PCV, Checked vacuum leak negative, Dealer cannot fix problem plus other certified mechanics.
If you can solve this mystery I will gladly pay you for your advice. Moreover, you would be the only person to solve this matter

We are at a great dis advantage as we cannot see or test the vehicle.
171 is a lean code. Possible issues are pcv, low fuel pressure, whether you replaced pump or not, map sensor, vacuum leaks or low compression.

As far as the injectors, did you have them professionally cleaned or additive? Additive never work. There is issues with the fuel rails on these loading up with debris and fouling injectors. They need to be cleaned professionally, and the rail removed and cleaned out


Apr 18, 2013.
I had fuel injectors cleaned at Jiffy Lube, does that clear out fuel rails? Car MD states wiring harness needs to be replaced where O2 sensor was changed.
Attached are the diagnostics by mitsubishi and other auto shops.

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