2002 Citroen C5

Electrical problem
2002 Citroen C5 Two Wheel Drive Manual 22000 miles

Problem: Satnav screen is blank, steering column radio controls do not function and radio does not turn off when ignition switched off.

When I first bought the car, the colour on the Satnav screen was faulty until one day I hit it and it corrected itself. This worked for a good six months until yesterday when the screen went blank. It is definitely not the fuses as late last night the screen came back but very faintly. Since the screen went off, the radio controls have stopped functioning and the radio no longer turns off when the ignition key is removed.

I have looked at all the connections that I have access to i.E. Back of radio, back of satnav and connections attached to the steering column but nothing obvious can be seen.

Thanks in advance for your support.

August 22, 2009.

Replace the screen the problem is probably inside the unit. Or you could trace all the wiring to the system for damage/wear

Dave H
Aug 30, 2009.