2003 Chrysler Town and Country

Engine Cooling problem
2003 Chrysler Town and Country 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic

How do you replace a water pump?
September 12, 2010.

Drain the cooling system.
Remove the accessory drive belt shield.
Remove the accessory drive belt.


Remove water pump pulley bolts.

NOTE: To remove the water pump pulley, it MUST first be positioned between water pump housing and drive hub. The pulley can then be removed with the water pump assembly.


Rotate pulley until openings in pulley align with water pump drive hub spokes. Move pulley inward between pump housing and hub .


Position pulley to allow access to water pump mounting bolts. Remove water pump mounting bolts.
Remove water pump with the pulley loosely positioned between hub and the pump body.
Remove and discard the seal.
Clean seal groove and sealing surfaces on pump and timing chain case cover. Take care not to scratch or gouge sealing surfaces.

Clean gasket mating surfaces as necessary.

Replace the water pump if it has any of the following defects.

Damage or cracks on the pump body.


Coolant leaks; this will be evident by a wet stream of coolant running down the pump body and components below. A thin stain below the weep hole reservoir slot is considered normal operation.
Impeller rubs inside of chain case cover.
Excessively loose or rough turning bearing.

NOTE: A weepage stain that is black, brown, or gray is considered normal, if it is dry. If the weep appears wet; pressure test the cooling system at 15-18 psi and observe the weep area. If weep area remains unchanged, do not replace the water pump for this condition. Replace the water pump, if a steady flow of engine coolant is evident from the weep hole/reservoir slot (shaft seal failure). Be sure to perform a thorough analysis before replacing water pump.



Install new seal into water pump housing groove.

NOTE: The water pump pulley MUST be positioned loosely between the pump housing and drive hub BEFORE water pump installation.

Position the water pump pulley loosely between pump housing and drive hub).
Install water pump and pulley to the timing chain case cover. Tighten water pump bolts to 12 Nm (105 in. lbs.).
Position pulley on water pump hub. Install bolts and tighten to 28 Nm (250 in. lbs.) .
Rotate pump by hand to check for freedom of movement.
Install the accessory drive belt.
Install drive belt shield.
Fill the cooling system.

Sep 12, 2010.