2003 Chrysler Town and Country

Computer problem
2003 Chrysler Town and Country 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 167000 miles

2003 Chrysler mini van, a few weeks ago lights started flashing so I replaced the battery. Runs fine. I had a shop install a trailer wiring harness and fix my trailer liglhts they drove it out of the shop fine I went to leave and it's dead. The battery is strong and brand new, it just clicks under the hood in the relays. I don't think the trailer wiring is at fault, the lights all work fine on the van and trailer, the van is just dead. I don't hear the fuel pump come on its just dead. I'm wondering if the basic factory security system could be acting up. HELP PLEASE I'M PULLING MY HAIR OUT.
November 4, 2008.

Hi: What light was flashing? Is the starter clicking? Is the check engine light on. You say all of the lights work. If you turn the key, do they dim. Finally, the relay that is clicking under the hood, can you identify it from the relay block lid?


The lights that were flashing were the headlights, should have mentioned that. Sorry, then the battery was replaced, everything was fine for a few weeks. The clicking under the hood is the relay for the starter. I had a friend stop by and he did something to jump the starter to make sure it was working and it did, van didn't start but the starter did crank the engine over. The lights and door locks chimes etc, all work fine. The lights don't dim when you try to start it, it just clicks the relay. The guy who looked at it said it's probably the ECM and not the BCM. I guess the trailer wiring that was done could have killed the BCM but all the lights and everything work fine. So he thinks it's the ECM. Does this sound right? They aren't cheap so I would like a second opinion if possible.
Thank You for the help !

Nov 7, 2008.
Hi: It could be the ECM, but I think you should have the vehicle checked before replacing it. Chances are it may have something to do with the factory security system. Contact a dealer and ask them what they would charge to diagnose the problem.

Let me know what they say.