2002 Chrysler Town and Country

Electrical problem
2002 Chrysler Town and Country 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 95000 miles

My brothers van started running rough a couple days ago. Code said cylinder 2 misfire. 1. Replaced plug, no good. 2. Replaced wire, no good. 3. Replaced Ignition coil, ran good for 2 days then same problem, maybe defective coil. Went to a different parts store got another coil but this time changed all the wires and spark plugs also, ran good for around 10 minutes now same problem, I went on autos. Msn. Com to see common problems with this year van and it said periodic problems are failure of the powertrain control module. Van has never died, just misfired badly.
December 8, 2009.

Is it the same cylender that keeps having the problem?

No, First cylinder 2 went bad on the original coil, replaced spark plug and wire for that cylinder, still no good. Then replaced coil with one from advance auto parts. Ran good for two days then misfire on cylinder 4. Replaced all spark plugs and wires (was going to do it anyways). No good, replaced coil again with one from autozone (duralast) ran ok for 5 minutes now cylinder 5 misfire but its not as bad as it was. I cant be sure but I think its intermittent on 5 when its stressed, up hill and during acceleration, also popping noise coming now sometimes under stress, could be back fire. So in short 3 different coils (1st original old one, 2nd advance, 3rd autozone) and 3 different cylinder misfires

Dec 22, 2009.