2001 Chrysler Town and Country

Transmission problem
2001 Chrysler Town and Country 6 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic 112000 miles

I had the ECM replace a year ago. This time, the check engine light came on. Now, the car does not want to shift - the RPM's just keep climbing. My mechanic said he cleared the codes, but if it happens again, it has to go to the dealer. That it need a " reflash" done to reset it. What does this mean, how much should it cost, and how long does it take to fix? (The ECM was really expensive!)

Thank you!
August 17, 2009.

Hello -

To better assist you is your model a EX, Limited, LX or LXi? Also please give me your engine size in liter and the 8th digit of your VIN.

Aug 17, 2009.
LXI - Not sure about the other two, and the car is at the dealer now. Unfortunately, I don't trust them, but they are they only ones in the area, and apparently this has to go to them.

Aug 18, 2009.
Hello -

Thanks for getting back with me. I understand your concern/trust with the dealership. Here is my input even though it is at the dealership. It may help you.

What may be going on right now is your transmission is operating in "Limp-in mode" . I don't think it is your ECM at all. Your TCM monitors transaxle for electrical or internal problems. If battery voltage is lost, or TCM senses a transaxle failure and a DTC is set, TCM de-energizes transmission control relay which then de-energizes solenoid assembly. Transaxle then enters limp-in mode. In limp-in mode, only Park, Neutral, Reverse and 2nd gear functions. Transaxle will not upshift or downshift. Vehicle can be operated, but performance will be reduced.
Now with the code you said you had, P01768. DTC P1768 will set when TCM senses less than 3 volts at transmission control relay output (switched battery) terminals at TCM, prior to TCM energizing relay
Possible Cause
" Low battery voltage.
" Open fused B+ circuit to transmission control relay.
" Open ground circuit.
" Transmission control relay output circuit shorted to ground.
" Open transmission control relay circuit.
" Defective transmission control relay.
" Malfunctioning TCM.

There are several things above that could cause the problem. The last being to replace the TCM. You may have a bad wire or relay etc.

This should give you an idea when you are talking to them anyway.

In the future I suggest you taking your car for transmission problems to say, AAMCO or some other place that provides free diagnostics that may be able to tell you what it is ahead of time and a cost estimate. Shop around if you can and gets several opinions/estimates. Yes it is a pain but many times saves you big dollars.

You also have us that can possible advise you.

Let me know what you find out

Aug 18, 2009.
Hello -

Hey also, it looks like you may have some recalls on your vehicle. The dealer may fix these for free. Please contact the dealer service department, give them the VIN number of your car and have them check on these to see if they apply to you.

Aug 18, 2009.
They are replacing the TCM. Around $650 for parts & labor & taxes.

The reason for the mistrust is that last year when they replaced the ECM, the radio blew. It worked when I pulled up to the dealer, but when I picked it up they told me it was broken, and wanted to know if I knew how it broke. And, since it had to have been broken before I brought it in it would be around $300 to replace it. When I told them it worked fine that morning, and that I thought that maybe they had done something, it was insinuated that I was lying & trying to get a free radio.

I haven't found anyone locally that has ready access to Chrysler parts like this. It seems that everytime there is an " Repair Code", it's generic, and has to go to the dealer. Is this true on all cars, or just Chrysler?

Thank you so much. I appreciate the clarification. Is the above price in the ballpark?

Aug 18, 2009.
Hello -

Well that appears to be close. My manual doesn't show estimates for the TCM replacement. For checkout and replacement of the BCM I show labor about 120 to 150 beans. The price I show for a PCM (since I don't have a TCM in this) is about 425 so you are talking about between 550 - 600 dollars.

So it may be pretty close. I am like you though. How can you be sure after the radio bit.

I would try next time taking my car to places that give free estimates and may could tell you something and a price. Like AAMCO etc as I said above. If you are really unsure then definitely shop around. Transmission go to a transmission shop. Suspension go to a front end shop etc. Get some estimates before you hit the dealer.

If you check with us we can normally get you the code info by looking in our manuals. It is possible we could provide you with enough info you feel more "secure" I guess you could say when you are talking to folks. Like this. If you went to the transmission shop and they called and gave you the code and the problem. Bounce that off of what we have to compare.

As for generic. Yes. Many cars have generic which is why we ask the customer what the code is, as I did you, exact model and engine size and sometimes even different digits off of the VIN as all these help narrow down info.

Interesting your radio went out. Do you know why? If you notice one of the recalls is about the radio. Water getting into them. Here it is written out below.

Reference Number(s): 04V531000
Related Ref Number(s): 04V531000
Model(s): 2001 Chrysler Town & Country
2001 Dodge Caravan
2001 Dodge Grand Caravan
2002 Chrysler Town & Country
2002 Dodge Caravan
2002 Dodge Grand Caravan
Campaign No: 04V531000
Mfg. Campaign No: D48
Number of Affected Vehicles: 238000
Beginning Date of Manufacture: 2001 04 27
Ending Date of Manufacture: 2002 07 31
On certain mini vans, condensation from the instrument panel air conditioning ducts may drop through vent holes in the top of the radio and result in a short circuit that subsequently sends direct current to the rear speakers.
This could result in a speaker fire.
Dealers will add a special tape to the top of the radio to prevent the potential of water intrusion.
The recall is expected to begin during January or February 2005. Owners should contact DaimlerChrysler at 1-800-853-1403.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration operates Monday through Friday from 8: 00 AM to 4: 00 PM, Eastern Time. For more information call (800) 424-9393 or (202) 366-0123. For the hearing impaired, call (800) 424-9153.

If it helps I think they are close on this one with the TCM. So don't feel too taken.

If it makes you feel any better - check on those recalls I gave you. If they are all fixed for free you will have made some money back. Maybe more in repairs.

Aug 19, 2009.