1998 Chrysler Town and Country

We just bought a 1998 town and country and today the alarm came on while trying to unlock the doors. There is no owners manuel in the car and I have absolutely no idea how to turn it off, I just had to disconect one of the cables from the battery for the alamr to stop and walk home. How do I set the alarm off, I have nothing, no clue and no idea. Thanks.
September 18, 2007.

Do you know if its a factory installed alarm
or after market system

if its factory you can ask the dealer for a new remote
and that may help for now insert the key in the ignition turn key on (make sure door open don t lock you r key inside ) connect the battery cable that may work for you
or you can connect the battery cable door s closed unlock the door with the key try driver door 1st
if it s after market alarm some of the above may work but look under the dash for a small switch on off key on engine off flick that switch

Sep 18, 2007.