1998 Chrysler Town and Country

Engine Mechanical problem
1998 Chrysler Town and Country V8 Front Wheel Drive Automatic 170000 miles

engine died. Will crank but not starting. Occasional spits like trying to catch. My guess is not getting fuel. Pulled line at engine and so sign, smell of gas after trying to start it. Guessing fuel pump, but should I be considering anything else first? How do I check for fuel or spark?
April 11, 2009.

Pull a wire off one of the spark plugs, stick a screwdriver in the end of it, then lay the metal blade of the screwdriver close to the engine; about 1/4" away. Watch for sparks while someone cranks the engine. If there's no steady spark, don't waste your time looking for fuel pressure. If pressure is missing, you either have two different problems, (highly unlikely), or the two things have a common cause.

A likely cause is the crankshaft position sensor. Holler back with the engine size if you want to troubleshoot this system. You will also need a test light or digital voltmeter.


Apr 12, 2009.