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I have a 91 Lebaron with 90,000 miles. Both of the signals stoppped working at the same time. The hazard light are not working also. I was told to change the flasher but I can not find that. Napa dealer looked up the part and it should be under the dash but isn't. Could the problem also be a relay. Where and what do I look for?Please help
Thank you
May 23, 2006.

The problem could very well be a relay, which is most likely in the fuse box with the fuses for dash lights and such. They are typically black plastic cubes that plug in with three prongs. It's essentially a magnetic switch that sometimes fuses together (inside) which would cause electrical problems. If the relay isn’t in a fuse box (either under the hood or beneath the driver) check out a manual for its location. Hope that helps

May 24, 2006.
Look for the turn signal flasher, which might be integrated with the hazard lights unit to be under the dash by the glove box. That's where I found mine by listening to the ticking of the hazard lights when the turn signals went first.

Jul 7, 2006.