1968 Chrysler Newport

Electrical problem
1968 Chrysler Newport V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 133000 miles

Its not the battery.
if you run hot to hot on the starter relay the car cranks.
There is no headlights no interior lights no nothing.
But the horn works.
Im stumped to what it is.
Fusable link maybe?

If it was the ballast resistor id still have lights right?
January 12, 2010.

Check and test all the fusible links, neutral safety switch and ignitiion switch-Ballast resistor is for your ignition system

Jan 12, 2010.
I do not think it is because of the fusable link. I think there may be some short circuit inside the car engine. So I suggest it is better to concern a good car repair center rather than doing much more experiment with it. Because if small problem do not get enough care then it may lead to a big one and have to face large problems which is not acceptable. So, to avoid the same we have top go for a good repair center to us and have to get our car repaired to stay away from many more car related issues like car crash and car accidents which also may result from the problem mentioned above.
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Megan Wright
Dec 18, 2013.