1995 Chrysler New Yorker

1995 Chrysler New Yorker w/3.5L, 170,000 miles. Stumped! After nearly every engine start, the radio, wipers, and turn signal are inoperative for somewhere between 10 seconds and 10 minutes. Then they all return to normal at the same time and remain so for the remainder of the drive. Otherwise the car runs and drives fine. I initally suspected a relay problem, but my repair manual does not show all three items powered through the same relay and/or fuse. (Could be my manual is inaccurate) Driving conditions (e.G. Rough road/vibration) or actuation of any other control do not seem to have any effect on returning the functions to normal so I do not suspect a loose connection or broken/shorted wire. Thoughts?
June 10, 2007.

Are there any other items affected with this problem? I was considering that the starter switch might be the problem.

Bruce Hunt
Jun 12, 2007.
Bruce, thanks for the reply. No other items are affected. I have tried actuating every other control I can reach from the driver's seat (emergency flashers, interior/exterior lights, power seat, cruise control, sunroof, heating/AC) and all work normally except the radio, wipers, and turn signal. I was hoping my generic electrical diagram is incorrect and a sticky relay is at fault. I am in the process of trying to obtain a factory repair manual. Perhaps you have access?

I have tried manipulating the ignition switch with mixed results. If I turn off the ignition, and restart the car, the frequency of reoccurance is about the same as when I initially start the car. If I wiggle the ignition switch with key in the ignition (engine running and not running), it does not change the condition.

Jun 12, 2007.