2000 Chrysler Neon

Electrical problem
2000 Chrysler Neon 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 120000 miles

The turn indicators on my baby have been slowly failing. They were for a time flashing briefly and then stopping, but most of the time now they will not turn on at all, though I can sometimes manually flash.

The emergency flashers had for ages frozen when left on for 10 minutes or so, but now they also will not go on at all.

I first thought it was a fuse, but the shop said that a fuse would be indicated by not working at all, suddenly.

So I tried to replace the flasher relay, in my car a little cube with several pegs to plug in. This did not solve the problem.

I note that in the thread on flashers there is mention of the indicator switch needing to be repaired. Is this something that is easily done, or do you need to really know what you are doing. The response went on to say that the steering wheel needed to be pulled to replace it, using a special tool.

Please advise?
March 19, 2010.

My daughter was having the same problem then the car starting having problems starting. They finally replaced the cam sensor and this seemed to work until she tried to drive through a big puddle.

Mandy's Neon
May 30, 2010.