1999 Chrysler LHS

Steering problem
1999 Chrysler LHS 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 165000 miles

Can a back yard mechanic change the left and rigth inner and outer tie rod ends? I have some exsperince changing rod end but would liek to know if it's possible to do on my 99 lhs. Are there any speacial tools needed and is there a trick to it? Is it goign to be a tough job and what am I going to break along the way?
June 22, 2009.

If you've seen one, you've seen them all,

but normally just the outers go bad, as they have to turn so much more of an angle than the inners do.

Are you sure you need to replace them, it would be a lot easier and faster if you only have to do the outers.

Jun 22, 2009.
Thanks for the response but I need to know if I need a speacial tool and if there is any thing else to be aware of when replacing the rod ends on the LHS?

Jun 23, 2009.
No, you will not need any special tools.
Some people like to use a pickle fork for removing the outer tie rod ends from the steering knuckles. I don't do it that way, but if you like them, you can rent them at a lot of auto part stores by simply giving them a deposit and then get your money back when you return the tool.

And other then watching out for any rusty nuts and bolts that might break off on a 10 year old car, there isn't any tricky things to watch out for.

Jun 23, 2009.