1992 Chrysler Le Baron

Engine Performance problem
1992 Chrysler Le Baron 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 150000 miles

Hello I am working on a 92 chrysler lebaron it has v6 3.0 litre I was driving it then it just died after I went around corner it did not restart when I turn on the key the fuel pump and coil power do not come on if I ground the fuel pump and coil relays they trigger and come on the ign coil then has power and I get fuel pressure but still no start any ideas thanks
October 3, 2009.

So your losing both spark and fuel, but if you jump or ground the relay you get juice to the coil and fuel pump works ok.
Am I correct? Whats the codes? Both are controlled by the PCM engine spark and fuel are PCM grounded but they may have an intermittant open, because an intermittant ground would drfinitely blow a fuse link or in your case a fuse.
Why not go to this sites schematics for the 92 3.0 injected spark and fuel control relays because in 92 you may have amother for both so there would be a 3rd. The pull in ground are common, that circuit, if good, may be shut off intentionally by a code, or a bad PCM.
In 94 a fuse number 42 was a mini DB/WT
I don't remember if 92 still had fuse links or not. So I think you may have missed a power open to the main coil supply in the relays or an open or bad PCM. But check for codes also. I had a 92 that I used a data recorder on it was a lemon law job, had a bad connection at the map sensor, but it would shut right off, couldn, t test it and no codes but of course jumping the run relay would work. The shutdown relay controls a fuel pump seperate relay and a spark or coil relay on some. You may have two seperate issues. I got a 94 schematic, but not a 92. Bad year for all Chryslers. OK So many bad fuel pumps. Few bad PCM's.

Oct 5, 2009.