1968 Chrysler Imperial

Engine Mechanical problem
1968 Chrysler Imperial V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 58000 miles

Here's my question; The car was running a month ago, I tried to start it this last weekend and it won't fire and start.

It will turn over and crank, but no fire. I tried some starter fluid, and also put alittle gas in the carb, it will fire for a second and then nothing.

I changed out the ingnition coil, no luck.

Any help or ideas would be great.

April 6, 2009.

Check the fuel pressure then comeback with readings we start here

Apr 7, 2009.
Let's see. You dumped gas in the carb, it started and ran for a few seconds, ... So you changed the coil? Do you know what the coil does?

The gas evaporated out of the float bowl in the carburetor from sitting. The engine has to run for the fuel pump to bring fuel from the tank to the carburetor. Just keep pouring small amounts of fuel into the air intake. The engine will run for a few seconds each time you do that. Eventually, the fuel from the tank will get there and it will stay running.


Apr 8, 2009.