1999 Chrysler Grand Voyager

Engine Mechanical problem
1999 Chrysler Grand Voyager 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 110,000 miles

i had to take the battery out of the van t fix another problem and when I put the battery back in a alarm started going off and the van wont start even with the alarm going off it must have disabled the egnition how can I reset the alarm to get it to start? I dont know if the alarm is after market or bought that way oops imfigured it out can I get a refund
October 3, 2009.

Hi kara802802,

So you have figured out the problem and would like to get a refund?

I would inform the admins to attend to this.

Thank you for using 2carpros.

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Oct 4, 2009.
We are sorry we could not help you, your donation has been refunded. Have a great day.

2CarPros Mike
Oct 5, 2009.