1996 Chrysler Concorde

Just bought used concorde w/ 62,000 did an oil change and disconnected batery to get to filter. When I hooked all back up, engine will start, very rough and will die if foot is taken off gas. Check engine light is on. Car ran smooth and beautifully before. What haPPENED?
June 3, 2007.

Disconnecting the battery and not keeping power to the pcm will erase it's memory. You may need o go through a drive cycle to get it back to normal.

Try this: Let it idle until it comes to temperature and the cooling fans run once.
Accelerate at normal throtle position (20-50%).
Cruise at light to medium throttle.
Decelerate to a stop, downshifting and using brakes normally.

Turn the engine off and repeat a few times if necessary. Post back if it isn't better.

Problem is, it won't idle. If you aren't giving it gas it stalls.

Jun 3, 2007.
Each consecutive key start should give it some improvement. It needs to rebuild it's idle memory. If you had a compatable scanner scanner you could run through a quick learn procedure.

Have you been able to get the engine warmed to operating temp, if not keep feathering the pedal until you it does, then tyr the drive cycle.

Thank you so much, that worked great!

Now one last question, where is the ***beep**
is the fuel filter located on the 96 chrysler concorde?

I cannot find it anywhere

Jun 4, 2007.
Those Mopar engineers are real jokesters eh? IT's in the fuel tank essentially. It's part of the fuel pressure the tank. At least tey didn't put the battery in the left front wheel well like the intrepid has!

I have a 1996 chrysler concorde. I am having trouble locating the thermostat. Can you tell me where it would be?


Jun 20, 2007.
3.3 or 3.5 motor?

3.5 motor

Jun 20, 2007.
I believe if you follow the top radiator hose on the drivers side back to the engine, it attaches to a 90 degree neck called the t-stat housing. It is inside of that neck.

Not to be a but head but the battery is in the right way down the damn bottom where you can barely see it. I know this cuz I own one and its deader than dead.

Jun 20, 2007.
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