Chrysler Cirrus

Chrysler Cirrus 1999 156K 2.5L V6. This car belongs to my teenage daughter and she drove the left rear brakes pads down to metal and destroyed the rotor. I had the left rear caliper, pads and rotor replaced as well as the right rear pads and rotor replaced. Bleed the complete system and discovered the left rear caliper is sticking and will not release. There is a ABS service light illuminated on the instrament panel but I don't have a way to read the ABS codes. Should I replace the ABS hydraulic module or is there another solution to this problem?
August 6, 2007.

You don't want to make the assumption that the abs module is bad or that the abs system is causing the caliper to stick. If the ABS is on, the system is shut down. Unless this is an anomally I haven't seen. There are code readers at most parts stores that are reasonable in cost. I have replaced very few ABS modules. A collapsed brake hose can act as a check valve.

Can you compress the caliper back with the bleedr open in the event that the caliper is a defect?

Yes I can and the new caliper was swapped for another new one to eliminate the posibility of a defective caliper. Could the problem be with the proportioning valve or the wheel hub sensor if not a collapsed brake hose?

Aug 7, 2007.
I don't think the sensor is going to lock the caliper up, but proportioning valve may be the problem. I haven't come across it, but there are many other things too I haven't come across : ). There is a tsb that you should check up on with the dealer to make sure it was done. Recall # 99v24400. It invlove the right rear brake hose leaking from contact with the exhaust. It may be boiling the fluid inside although it's not leaking.

Hello Paul, Just to let you know that the problem with this left rear caliper sticking was in fact the brake hose. I had the brake hose replaced (dealer only item) and the caliper is working just fine. The recall you mentioned has been corrected. Thank you for your help.

Aug 8, 2007.
I'm glad it worked out to be the less expensive choice!

This is my problem, so in fact it is the hose?

I dont get the abs light though, well actually I had the abs light on for like 20 mins at one point before all this started

I hope this works this will be my 3rd rear rotor and my 3rd new set of brakes.

Apr 22, 2008.