1997 Chrysler Cirrus

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1997 Chrysler Cirrus 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 80000 miles

I have done everything to install timing belt according to the manual and advice from mechanics. However, I am not sure if I have done it correctly since the crankshaft rotation moves the tension pulley bracket away from the tensioner piston on the tensioner, in an up/down motion as the crankshaft is rotated. When it comes back down against the tensioner piston the crankshaft is no longer at tdc. Is the tensioner pulley supposed to move once it has been torqued? The belt broke when a friend of my daughter attempted to replace the water pump and incorrectly replaced the timing belt.
December 16, 2007.

According to Mitchell the TDC needs to be 3 teeth before for belt installation.

Great pics and full instructions. Did you have a hard time compressing the tensioner? sometimes they lose their ability to hold the belt tight

Dec 17, 2007.