1999 Chrysler 300

Electrical problem
1999 Chrysler 300 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic

would like to know how to take out ingitnon key cylinder
January 9, 2010.

Disconnect the negative battery cable.
Remove bezel ignition switch ring.
Pull center console bezel loose from instrument panel.
Insert ignition key and turn to the -ON- position.
Depress the locking tab on the ignition switch housing.
Pull the key cylinder from the ignition switch housing.

To install:

Install key in lock cylinder. Turn key to -ON- position (retaining tab on lock cylinder can be depressed)
The shaft at the end of the lock cylinder aligns with the socket in the end of the housing. To align the socket with the lock cylinder, ensure the socket is in the -ON- position.
Align the lock cylinder with the grooves in the housing. Slide the lock cylinder into the housing until the tab sticks through the opening in the housing.
Turn key to Off position and remove key.
Install center console bezel to instrument panel.
Install bezel ignition switch ring.
Connect the negative battery cable.