2001 Chevrolet Venture

Let me start by saying I am not a mechanic, or do even know what I'm looking for. I am a marketing rep with my own company so I am on the road every day putting miles on my van. My wife would like me to learn to do things for myself.

I have a 2001 Chevy Venture with a little over 92000 miles on it. Is a tune up easy to do, or is this something I should take to a pro to have done?
October 26, 2007.

That is an interesting situation you found yourself in.

How is your patience? Do you have tools? Are you prepared to have to take it in to a shop if something goes south that you can solve. Diagnositic costs can destroy the money you tried saving by doing it yourself.

Can you make more money by doing what you do best versus saving more money by doing your own work on the vehicle.

I'm not meaning to sound discouraging. If this is something that your going to do becasue you think you'll enjoy then you should give it a shot. If it seems like the kind of thing that is going to be a chore, then don't frustrate yourself.

My suggestion is to try removing one front spark plug to get a feel for how tight it may be. Then try one of the rear plugs. IF one breaks off however the cylinder head may need to be removed. Not a quick repair.

Be glad to help in anyway, just ask.

I clicked on your site, I live in Wheatfield!

Thanks for the advise. This is something I was thinking about doing just because my wife wants to save a few bucks. It seems like it would be to both our benefits to just have the professionals do it. Thanks.

You checked out my site? Cool, I live on Grand Island about 20 minutes away from you. I own my own marketing company, and one of my contracts with ConAgra has me in Weatfield all the time.

Oct 27, 2007.
Your wife has good intentions. I am at Bundy's auto in the Falls if you are in need of a shop. Tim Phillips on the Island is top notch and is probably closer to you. In the long run, you are making a wise choice.

Yes, Phillips garage. I almost purchased the house next door to his shop. I know it well, but never actually had any work done there. Where abouts is your shop, and how long would it take for a tune up? I'd love to find out and possibly get a price. Don't need one yet, but we will very very soon.

Oct 27, 2007.
I'm on Niagara Falls Blvd & 61st st.

The parts that I use are good, I don't like using cheap stuff. You can get this done cheaper. But you might not be happy in the long run. You can do things like pcv valve, air filter, cabin air filter with out much greif. The fuel filter, plugs and wires are a different breed. I would expect about $400-$425 for plugs, wires and fuel filter (parts, labor, tax).

I would recommend that you stick with one shop for your work. There are benefits to that. There are several good shops in the area and plenty of questionable ones. The chains and dealers in our area leave a lot to be desired. Besides Phillips and ours, there is Nearhoof's on Walmore, Zakia's on 56th st that are also quality shops.

Let me make sure I'm reading this correctly. A tuneup at your shop would include the cabin air filters? I was just looking into having them replaced separately.

Oct 28, 2007.
A tune up is a loose outdated term. Today's car now has different intervals for different things. On yours for example, plugs go around 100,000 miles. Usually. The wires don't always come off too well, so it is a good idea to put new ones on at the point, not to mention the age of them. A fuel filter I would do every 30,000 miles on most, definitly on yours. That was all I included in that number. If you want cheaper parts to lower the cost, I can get them, but you have to live with the results of a short life.

You can replace the air filter, the cabin air filter and the pcv. This is where you can save some money for the Honey, and not get yourself into a corner. IF there is a question on how to, just ask.

OTher things that are good to do is a transmission filter every 40-50,000 miles, coolant flush was due at 5 years on yours. Air induction service is important. Fuel inection cleaning a good idea.