2000 Chevrolet Venture

Engine Performance problem
2000 Chevy Venture 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 138000 miles

Here is all the info I have...

OK...a week ago I posted up about my 2000 Chevy Venture problem. This all started when I tried to pass someone and it acted like the engine missed on me. Barely got it back to my in-laws house. We got it home and my mechanic is just aggravated with it. He did replace the fuel pump with an AC Delco pump as he said the old pump wasn't holding pressure and sometimes wasn't pumping at all.

He said the van starts and idles missing, not running rough, etc. Drive the van down the road and after it warms starts acting like it misses. Pull over and put it in doesn't miss....doesn't matter if you are in 1, 2, 3 or OD. Slip in in neutral...runs FINE with no missing. He also said sometimes it will stop if you stomp on the gas...sometimes it will stop once you put it in reverse and go back forward. They have had one of the expensive Snap-On scanners hooked onto it...NO CODES WHATSOEVER...ran the van with it connected the whole time and when it would act up...NO CODES...I think I am going to drive him to drinking with this one....the biggest problem is that it is won't follow a set pattern of doing it! NOW one code constantly came up that is gone now was the P01404 I believe which was something with the EGR...there was a loose vacuum hose coming from the PCV Valve, seen below circled in blue in second photo (this is a photo of the old one so it's not kinked like that), I replaced that and the code hasn't come back..not sure if it was because of the vacuum hose or something happened with the EGR...

Any suggestions...things we have done...

I pulled off the PCV Tube on accident, replaced with NEW Circled in red in second photo
NEW AC Delco plug wires
NEW Fuel Pump
NEW Fuel Filter, FRAM which is what was on there, this was replaced a day or so before the pump...the gas had black crap in it on the gas tank stuff was NOT in the tank so it was coming from the pump.
All work prior to this was just regular maintenance, I had the head gasket replaced this time last year though, had the dancing needle, the leak wasn't bad enough to have junk in my oil.

Question...replacing fuel pumps...doesn't require a PCM reset does it? The only out of ordinary thing that has happened just before this...was the van started misfiring, blinking SES light...ended up being one of the BACK plug wires had laid on the manifold and melted...we replaced all the wife RIGHT AFTER that went straight to Raleigh, NC..which is about a 2 hour drive...she said it shuttered once when she was getting off the interstate. Got to her mothers and the next time it was driven was by me...which is when the above started...

Van running fine with EGR P01404 code
I messed around and must have jiggled the wires which caused the flashing SES light and burned wire
Replaced vacuum hose running from PCV Valve, shown above circled in blue
Replaced Spark Plug Wires
drive to Raleigh
Stutter started once down there

That is the chain of events leading to this...
February 2, 2010.

My Chevy Venture van was doing something similar. Turned out to be a vacuum leak on the little " t" that comes off the PCV valve line. Its hidden under the triangular shaped throttle bracket. I could hear the air hissing from it. I undid the two bolts that hold the bracket down (10mm) and when I pulled the " t" out, the motor really went haywire! Throttling up and down like mad until just stalling out 10 secs later. What I did: ok this is kinda redneckish, but I cut a small piece of washing machine supply line hose (smaller than garden hose). The size just happened to be perfect and I slid it on the end of the " t" and put it back in its hole. Presto! No more vaccuum leak and my van is purring like a kitten now. Probly helpful to mention that after I put the throttle bracket on I hit the triangular part that covers the " t" with a hammer until it pressed down hard enough on the " t" to seal the tiny air leak it was still letting through. Hope this helps someone- sorry about the non-technical nature of this post, but it may give someone a $0 fix for their engine chugging at idle problem.

Mar 22, 2010.
Ok this may seem stupid, lol but i'm not a pro. I have a 2000 venture and the hose circled in red is cut on my van and I need to know where it goes.

Jul 9, 2011.
I have 2000 chevy venture with similar problem. During acceleration no problem. Once the speed and rpm steadies I get random bucking like misfire. Oddly, if I unplug the EGR valve the problem goes away. No coded from my reader accept now it shows codes for EGR being unplugged. It is not speed dependent nor gear dependent. I replaced the EGR and checked the electrical connection. Sounds like a vacuum issue but I have no idea where to go from here. Any ideas? Thanks Chris

Jan 18, 2012.
Hose circled in red is the PCV hose.

Jan 23, 2012.
Check the following -- the original poster did fix the issue and explained the fix:

Jul 19, 2012.
Thanks for that information, Richard. I'm certain it will help.

Jul 20, 2012.