Chevrolet Truck

I have a 1998 k-1500 5.7L, automatic, Z-71, Ext. Cab sportside, Canadian made, 86,000

I have put on an Air-raid after market breather and an air-raid spacer, these are the only modifications made.

My problem and/or question is when I first bought the truck (used, 2 years old 36,000 miles) I could hear a whining sound from under the truck near the drivers side frame. I was told that the noise is my fuel pump running. Others have told me that I shouldn't hear that sound from my fuel pump. This past weekend I went to the dump, 10 minute drive, left the truck running and proceeded to a lawn sale, turned truck off, after 15 min. Went to start truck and it wouldn't start. Battery good, after cranking it over for 10 min I couldn't smell any gas. I don't hear the whining sound anymore, have changed fuel filter.
Is my fuel pump gone?
October 17, 2007.

Spray some carb cleaner into the throttle body and see if it starts to determine a fuel problem. If it narrows down to the pump, replace the connector as well. Sounds like it is going that way.