1996 Chevrolet Truck

I am the original owner of a 1996 Chevy Tahoe with 137,000 miles on it. My concern is that the vehicle cannot brake quickly. I can come to a normal stop but to brake quickly - in the case of preventing an accident the vehicle doesn't seem to be able to stop. I cannot lock the tires up at all. I recently have had an accident because I was not able to stop in time.

The rotors and pads have been replaced numerous times but my ability to quickly stop has not been an option. I recently purchased a 23ft boat and plan on towing it with this vehicle. I'm concerned about my ability to stop when adding additional weight to the vehicle.

I would appreciate any thoughts. Thank you.
February 24, 2007.

I think there is a recall on an abs problem with that truck, check with the dealer, have your vin number handy.

Paul, Thanks for the thought. I called and unfortunatly no recalls. Any other suggestions or ideas out there?

Mar 2, 2007.
The next 2 things I would check are the brake rotor surface quality of both front and rears, inside and outside.
If there is pitting or reduced contact that will affect it.

Next I would want to see if the bcm has stored any codes related to abs.