1994 Chevrolet Truck

Electrical problem
1994 Chevy Truck 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 90,000 miles

1994 Chev k1500 4x4 v6 auto, problem comes and goes with the wipers. Sometimes turn them on and work fine, next time, they won't work. Today left switch on an after about 10 minutes, they started working. Wiper switch is part of the turn signal arm, located on the left side of stearing column. Rotates to turn on, various speeds, etc. Was told there is some type of modual under hood near wiper motor, havn't done any checking as of yet, wanted to get sound advise first. Thank you for any and all responses.
August 11, 2009.

Not a pro but had same problem on my truck.I was able to repair it by replacing the wiper motor. Hope this helps. Good luck.

Aug 11, 2009.
Thanks Vetteslave for your reply and info, and is a starting point for me to begin checking. Hopefully its not something buried in the stearing column.

Aug 12, 2009.
An update and possible fix for my wiper problem. Talked to a mechanic, he said most likely is the module that is a basicly a circut board that plugs into motor mechanism, and sort of the brains of the wipers. He said if wipers aren't working, leave truck running, wiper switch on, and wiggle the plug fitting thats on the module, and if wipers start working, its a faulty module. So wipers wouldn't come on, went and wiggled the plug, and presto, they came on.
There are 3 tork head screws that hold a plastic cover over the module, once cover is off, wiggle the plug part of the module, and it will come right out.
Mechanic said modules run around $100.00, so I checked on the internet, and found a reputable car parts dealer on ebay selling new OE manufacture spec modules for $21.00 shipped. I ordered one and hopefully it is as advertised, and will cure my problem.
Should be here next week, and will post an update of the results of the new module.

Aug 13, 2009.
Should have gotten back sooner with update, I received the module and was as advertised, popped it in and all is good. If you need a new module, shop around for the best deal, to save yourself some money. Changing the module is pretty simple, and an easy fix.

Aug 25, 2009.