1964 Chevrolet Truck

Electrical problem
1964 Chevy Truck V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic many miles

The coil wire on the engine harness was smoking, so I ordered a new engine wire harness from Classic Industries (includes a wire to the coil, to starter, temp gage) which is very simple, yet after installing the harness, the starter runs fine, but the engine will not start. I checked for fuel and I checked for spark. While the key is in the start position I am getting spark, but when you release the start position it simply dies like it is not getting any fuel or spark. Any ideas? I know its something simple.

Don Stern
June 29, 2009.

Power the coil directly from the battery positive post to the coil positive terminal if it stays running you have an open ignition wire from the coil to the ignition switch or the switch itself

Jun 29, 2009.