1964 Chevrolet Truck

Engine Mechanical problem
1964 Chevy Truck 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 164000 miles

I have a question on engine specs. I have a 292 L6 torn down to the block and have new main bearings and rod bearings I would like to install. I was just wondering what the torque on the main caps, rod caps, head bolts, crank thrust, and vibration dampener should be. Thank you.
October 3, 2009.

Torque Specifications are on the main caps 60-70 ft lbs, rod caps 30-35, head bolts 85-100, crank thrust.007-.016, and vibration dampener is a Pressed on, just make sure you lubricated, so you don't strip out the bolt, and it presses on easier.

Dr Loot
Oct 6, 2009.