1987 Chevrolet Suburban

Electrical problem
1987 Chevy Suburban V8 Automatic

87 suburban won't start. I just changed the starter, took the car for a ride, parked and the next time won't start---> no fuel. The fuel pump doesn't run when key is switched on; does run with power straight to the pump. I found a fuse to the fuel pump relay that keeps blowing when key is turned to run position. If relay was removed, didn't blow. I replaced the relay, but continue to have the same problem. I get no trouble codes from the computer through the check engine light. How do I tell if problem is with the computer or some other electrical component? Does anyone know that the resistance should be on the wires at the fuel relay?
September 4, 2010.

Try unplugging the oil pressure sender and see if the fuse stops blowing. If so, replace the sender. If not, inspect the wiring harness for a short.

Sep 5, 2010.
So I found that the beige and white wire was grounded between the fuel relay and oil pressure switch. Spliced a new wire between these and back to the computer. No more blown fuse.

The fuel pump still is not running from the relay. I put power to the fuel pump prime (red wire) and it still didn't run. Anyone know which wire is the output to the fuel pump from the relay? Also which terminal should be powered when the key is in run? (Org wire is to fuse, and blk/wht is ground, I assume org should have 12 v)

I figure if I run a new wire from the relay to the pump my problem is solved right?

Sep 6, 2010.
It only powers for 2 seconds when the key is turned on and the the relay shuts off until it sees a tach signal.

The fuel pump prime wire goes directly to the fuel pump.

Sep 6, 2010.