2004 Chevrolet Silverado

Electrical problem
2004 Chevy Silverado V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 115K miles

My truck will start and shut off when I release the key. The door locks wont work all of a sudden on either side, dome light not working. Radio displays time but wont work. Seems like the theft system is not releasing for some reason I was thinking it has a bad door lock module can someone point me in the right direction Thanks Bob.G
November 11, 2009.

This may be a BCM issue, but start with a simple procedure first.

Is security light flashing? If so try to do a relearn. Turn key to start, then release leaving in the on position leave on until light stops flashing.(May take up to 15 minutes)then turn key off and then try to start, if no start and light starts flashing do above procedure again, it may take up to 3 times to learn. You may want to put a battery charger on van to keep it from going dead during relearn process

There NO lights flashing I will try the relearn process and see what happens Ill let you know thanks Bob

Nov 11, 2009.
There NO lights flashing I will try the relearn process and see what happens Ill let you know thanks Bob[/quote: f67d7434f8]

The relearn has not made a difference lmk, what else I can check thanks Bob

Nov 12, 2009.
Well, I'm not sure if the no start and the other issues are related. If they are, I would be leaning to wires (not ignition) shorting out or a body control module issue.

Let's treat them separate at this point and go after the most important one.

Regarding the no start:

Have you checked for any codes in the pcm yet?
Check fuel pressure..(I assume a 5.3 liter). Critical that it is right in spec.
There have been issues with e-85 fuel. Spray some carb cleaner in to the throttle body and see if you can run it off the carb cleaner for a few moments.
Check for presence of spark.

Check under the driver's seat for chafed wiring:

What did you find out?

Its been a while but I havnt had time to work on truck until now.

!) When cranking the truck will start but then shuts off like its not getting fuel.
2) try to pull codes and it wont communicate
3)I bought a new BCM had it coded correctly still same problem as above
4) looked under seat dont see any bare wring problems.

LMK what you think to check next thanks Bob.G

May 15, 2010.
We need to get communication back. Check for a blown fuse for the DLC. IF it is, replace it and recheck for communication.

FYI and others it was a bad PCM.

Got water up into wiring harness/main connector at PCM and shorted out PCM. Installed used PCM and That problem was solved.

Aug 30, 2010.