1996 Chevrolet Silverado

Air Conditioning problem
1996 Chevy Silverado V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 123000 miles

My a/c -heater fan only runs on high speed. The other 3 speeds do not work. I have a chilton manual and the wiring diagram suggests it is the blower resistor. Where is that located on the truck and do you think that is what the problem is?
June 22, 2008.

Sounds liek a blower motor resistor to me. Only letting the high currents through.

Try behind the glovebox.

If not there ask me to look for a diagram.

Jun 22, 2008.
Classic description of a bad blower resistor.
It will be located in the plenum down stream of the blower should gain access behind glove box
Good luck

Jun 22, 2008.
There you have it, two identicle answers. That confirms the validity.

Jun 22, 2008.
I have replaced the resistor and when you turn the fan on the 3 lower speeds, it blows the fuse. If you run the fan on high speed, it runs fine! Any ideas about what to do next? Sorry about e-mailing you blacktop 555, I didnt read far enough down!

Jun 24, 2008.
Its ok if you email me.

I jsut like it on here because it keeps all the information together and easy to access!

I would check for damaged wires first in the harness to the blower motor. From there I would suspect possible bad blower motor, using too much resistance causing too much amps to be pulled blowing hte fuse.

Jun 25, 2008.