Chevrolet S-10

1999 Chev S10, 4.3L, 175,000km, 2wd, auto.
I just purchased the truck, was told it needed a new rad and fuel pump, it didn't start when it was damp outside.
I drove the truck a couple of days, then changed the rad, fired up the truck and changed coolant.
I then changed the plugs, wires (identified each, should not be any problem there), cap & rotor.
Truck would not start, it was late in the evening and somewhat damp.
The next day, I checked fuel pressure on the line, 0 reading. Then checked fuses (OK), changed relay with several others from the fuse block (no change).
I then pulled the bed to work on the fuel pump. There are seven wires @ the tank, four to the pump/gauge assembly and three to another block. Voltmeter shows 5.14V on one gauge terminal and the same on the gray wire on other block, no voltage to pump. I then ran direct from the battery to the pump, +positve to the gray wire, -negative to the black wire, pump did not work. Help!

Hamilton, On
September 16, 2007.

If you feeding it with direct battery power and not coming On its dead

Sep 16, 2007.