1993 Chevrolet S-10

Engine Mechanical problem
1993 Chevy S-10 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 125000 miles

The S10 is a 2nd car and I only use it maybe once a month but it has always started right up. Got in it the other day and it ran for 5 seconds and died. I checked for error codes and was getting a 12 code which I believe is normal. No blown fuses either. Here is what I did next:

1. Sprayed starting fluid in the TBI carb and it would start.
2. Disconnected coil wire and fuel line from the carb and cranked the engine and I was getting a substantial fuel flow into a container.
3. Disconnected the fuel return line and blew threw it. There was quite a bit of resistance but I could hear bubbling in the gas tank.
4. Tested for power to the injectors and with the key on did get voltage to one side of each connector.
5. Found a flowchart on a S10 site which said it may be ECM. Replaced the ECM.

No dice. Still won't start. Not sure what to look for next although it seems to be fuel related. Don't want to spend half what the truck is worth taking it in to be looked at if I am missing something obvious. Any advice would be appreciated.
October 21, 2010.

The first things you need to do is test the fuel pressure with a gauge and test for injector pulse with a noid light.
That will tell us where to go next. The pressure has to be 9 to 13 PSI. They make an adapter that takes the place of the fuel filter to hook up the gauge.

Oct 21, 2010.
Is engine a 4.3L ? if yes suspect Ignition Control Module inside DIST see diagram

Can have checked out at Auto Zone.
Let me know
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Oct 21, 2010.
It's not ignition

Oct 21, 2010.
Checked the injector wiring with a noid light and both read ok. Was not able to find a loaner fuel pressure gauge but it just occurred to me that there was no pressure in the lines when I disconnected it from the carb but did get a fuel flow when I cranked over the engine. There is no " whine " from the pump when I turn on the key. I can hear the relay click a couple seconds after I turn on the ignition which I imagine means it's ok. Fuse to pump is ok. I put a hot jumper on the G terminal on the ALDL and got nothing.

More likely than not the pump? Didn't really want to buy a pressure gauge if I can get away with it.

Oct 27, 2010.
You have to get a fuel pressure reading before your going to have any idea what the problem is. If this is a TBI and not a Vortec, you'll probably have to tap in with a fuel filter adapter.
The Vortec has a service port and uses much higher pressure.

Oct 27, 2010.