1983 Chevrolet S-10

I stepped on my clutch and it stuck on the floor, some white plastic object on the top of the pedal where the cable connects seems to be stuck or broken, Diagrams anyone?
July 24, 2007.

It is the ratchet stile clutch adjuster that came on 82and 83 then they changed to a different stiyle

Oct 25, 2007.
My truck had the very same problem. It happens to be that the adjuster uses a little tit on the side that is suppose to catch against the " fork" of the pedal pushing the adjuster up when the clutch is pressed. Since it is plastic that tit is known to break and thus causing very bad problems. It is true you can not find this part at any auto part store (I've tried lol) You can dish out the dough or do like most owners do and just rig it up. I had a metal piece that was shaped like a U that was wide enough that if place between the adjust and the clutch itself it would do the same thing as that tit did. Just threw in a bolt to make sure that metal piece wouldnt come back off and viola! Fixed as good as new! So take a look at your options and go from there.

Nov 4, 2007.