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I have a 92 Chevy Lumina APV that the AC clutch froze up on. Now I have no speedometer, oil pressure gauge, rear window wiper or heat. I know there is some wiring damage from this. Where can I find a wiring diagram for this vehicle.

thanks for all your help
January 1, 2007.

Im trying to find a common connection between your systems, but Im not finding all of them. The oil pressure and Speedometer share the " INDIC Fuse 10am". It looks like this fuse also ties into the rear defogger timer. Sounds like a good place to start. As far as getting a wiring diagram, Chiltons manuals have some diagrams that if read correctly can be very helpful. They cover a lot of models, so make sure you are on the right diagram, and good luck on your problem.

Jan 1, 2007.