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Air/heater sounds like an airplane, my car has 147,306 miles. The car was wrecked a year ago not too much body damage, but now if I turn the heat on full blast, it makes a "eerr" sound. I was thinking it was my fan, but im not sure. It also leaks fluid on the driver side floor. I think maybe now its my fan motor and my thermostat. I have never worked on a car in my life, but I have kinda made this my side project lol. I intend on doing the work myself, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. : )
January 4, 2007.

: )

The whirring is probably the blower motor squirrel cage, " usually comes with the motor".

The fluid coming in on the floor may be a couple things.
What does it smell or feel like. IF you use a white paper towel, you may be able to get the color of it.
Are you losing coolant or have any heat loss?

Is the floor always wet or just after rain?