1995 Chevrolet Master Deluxe

Electrical problem
1995 Chevy Master Deluxe V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 10950 miles

When I try to measure the alternator at the battery it measures about 12.8 volts but when I remove the wire at the back of the alternator and measure it directly the alternator measures 15 volt. I need to make sure there is continuity between the alternator and the starter which is where the wires meet up. Can you think of anything else?

Thanks in advance
March 24, 2010.

Just my opinion, don't take anything loose from the alternator, engine running. I'm not sure of vehicle model? Engine off, everything hooked up, take a reading at alternator bat terminal, take second reading at battery posts, the two readings should be very close to the same. You can, just take two readings at the battery posts. First reading, with everything turned off, second reading, engine running. If the charging system is ok, the second reading should be higher than the first.

Mar 24, 2010.