2005 Chevrolet Malibu

Transmission problem
2005 Chevy Malibu 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 97000 miles

Yesterday, I had a transmission fluid flush and went home. Nothing has been wrong with my car and I have had everything checked three weeks ago. I went out that afternoon and go to the second light and when it turned green the car would not pick-up. The car sounded as if it was in neutral and I was putting my foot on the gas. I pulled over and checked my gears and a few other things. I pulled off again and it happened 35 minutes later (4 times). On the beltway (twice) and especially at two lights. The speed of the car has picked up as well.

Do you know what's wrong?

Thanks alot for your help.
November 12, 2008.

Well since you had the transmission serviced, I would think that there's something wrong with your level of Automatic Transmission Fluid. Check your ATF level (transmission at normal temp; with engine idling, shift into each gear waiting a few seconds in each then come back to park, waiting a few seconds in each gear again on the way back). Then check your level of ATF just like you would for you oil (pull the dipstick, wipe it, put it back, pull it back out to check the level).
Make sure your transmission cooling lines are not leaky (the two small lines that go from your transmission to your radiator). Also check for any leak around your transmission pan, seals, etc.
Check your coolant inside the radiator; do you see any oil in it?
ATF level is where you should start, and if your level is fine, your problem will probably need to be diagnosed at a transmission shop.

Good luck

Nov 12, 2008.
I've been told there it no "dipstick" in the newer GM cars. So how would I check the fluid?

Dec 18, 2010.