2000 Chevrolet Malibu

2000 Chevy Malibu 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 121000 miles

On my 2000 Malibu, the key is not going all the way to the off position to allow me to remove it. It started a few weeks ago and I have been able to get it by out messing with the gear shift, or restarting the car. This time nothing is working. Any ideas? If not, what does it cost to get something like that fixed? Thanks
August 26, 2010.

First of all thank you so much for your donation. It sound's like you have a problem with your park lock cable it could be a adjustment or the cable is getting stuck somewhere.I need to know if you have a column or floor shifter?Also what the last eight of your vin is?

Aug 26, 2010.
It is a floor shift and the last eight is: Y6133017
Thanks for the reply

Aug 26, 2010.
Removal Procedure

1. Position the front seat forward in order to gain access to the seat adjuster attaching bolts (1).
2. Remove the seat adjuster attaching bolts (1).
3. Disconnect the seat belt wiring harness (driver's side only).
4. Disconnect the power seat electrical connector, if equipped, (driver's side only).
5. Remove the front seat. Manually tilt the seat forward in order to disengage the hooks from the floor pan.

Console Replacement

Removal Procedure

1. Remove the front seats.
2. Remove the console trim plate.

3. Remove the rear cupholder (1).
4. Remove the screws.
5. Place gear select in the neutral position. Remove the console (2).

There is the park lock cable adjustment it sound's like it's out of adjustment or the cable isn't moving back into place when the car is in park.Because you were able to play with the shifter and get the key to turn off before.Let me know what you find.

Aug 26, 2010.