1995 Chevrolet Lumina

I tried to get the old radiator drain plug off, but broke it while doing so. I cant get it to unscrew out to drain, half of the wing peice to grip it is broken off, and im afraid that Ill make it worse. Once I do get it loose, does this drain-plug unscrew all the way out? Or is it permantly in there?

And how do I get this line off the fuel filter. The side going to the engine, or 'out' I can just simply use that line made wrench, but how do I disconnect this plastic hose connector going to the fuel-tank w/ out breaking it.

And also, does this motor have a overhead cam, or is just a standard? And does it have a timing belt, or a chain?

Thanks in advence : -)
August 20, 2007.

Hey Studdly,

The drain plug will not come all the way out. If it breaks, they should be replaceable. Another option is to pull the lower radiator hose.

The fuel filter has a special tool that lift the plastic tabs (at arrows) off the neck on the filter nipple. It seems a little unorthodox, but does work.

Should be a single overhead cam, and it is a chain not a belt.

Ok, so I cant get that drain-plug out all the way? Its permy in there? I know in the older ones the steel or metal wing nut screws out so far to let coolant out, but I installed a new radiator, and it had a plastic plug like the one show, and it unscrewed all the way out. I guess I should try to tighten it back, it did turn half a turn and got stuck and thats when it broke.

So I have to have that special tool to get the fuel hose off? Guess ill have to go back to the auto parts store for that.

Thanks again.

Aug 20, 2007.
Most of them I encounter now only turn a half a turn or so anyways. There is usually a drain below the petcock and the thumbturn is really a valve, unlike the older styles where it come right out of the petcock.

I dunno, I really need a professional over here, or somone who has done this before. To be honest, this is the 1st REAL car ive had thats up-to-date. All the others were 80s models, and I kept them up! : ) Thats why im so desperate to have this done properly.

Aug 21, 2007.