Chevrolet Impala

The running lights and interior lights on my 1995 Ford Ranger recently stopped working. I replaced a 15amp fuse (3rd run across top), which promptly burnt out. I checked some wires, thought I found a short in the wires by the tailgate that goes between the tail lights. I replaced the fuse again, but the lights still do not work. None of these lights work - Dashboard light, interior dome light, running lights, tail lights at night.

My headlights, turn indicators, brake lights, and hazards work fine. Frankly, the only thing I am concerned about is my tail lights. I don't want to get hit at night.

Suggestions? I am hoping I do not have to pull the dashboard, as that will quickly get beyond my skill level.
January 21, 2006.

I forgot to add. The second fuse did not burn out. But as I said, the lights still do not work.


Jan 21, 2006.
I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the exact thing has happend to a friend of mine and he had to replace the whole fuse block afer replacing it a few time it started on fire he had a 97 dodge ram 1500 so he jsut sold it and get a new vechile I think dodge wanted like 1500 for a new one sorry I couldnt help more

Jan 22, 2006.
Di you look in the owners manual asto which is the fuse pertaining to those lights

Jan 26, 2006.
: o Today we spent hours attempting to find the source of the short causing the battery to be dead. We discovered the short was in the time delay that senses the doors are shut. The short was initially fixed when we pulled the door switiches out, cleaned the connections and reinstalled them with a good ground. The poor ground on this circuit caused the time delay to remain on and run the battery dead. While we were hunting this short, we discovered that the fuse to the interior lights also controlled the running lights.

The first area to check is that the fuse to this system is still working. Another fuse to this system exists under the hood for a larger circuit, which also includes the headlights. If you change the in dash fuse and still do not have these lights, attempt to change the one under the hood as well.

The second thing to check is the main wires to this circuit going in/coming out of the fuse box are intact.

And don't forget to make sure the ground wires or grounding screws connecting lights to the body of the vehicle (depending on the type of vehicle) are secured. Bad grounds will kill your lights.

Jan 29, 2006.